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Currants processing description:

The standardization process of Corinthean CurrantsThe grapes are harvested by hand – only after having reached full maturity - during the months of August and September. They are exposed in the open air in specially adapted places, to dry in sunlight or under shade for a period of 12 to 20 days, until their desiccation is completed. This is a naturally occurring process, without the use of any chemicals. Frequent manual interventions take place, only by hand, allowing the entire surface of the grapes to be exposed to the sun and therefore ensuring uniform dehydration. On average 3 – 3.5 kilos of fresh grapes are required to obtain 1 kilo of Currants. After the removal of dirt, leaves and stems, the product is stored in storages which meet high standards of safety and hygiene.

The standardization process of Corinthean CurrantsIn the modern currants processing plants, the product undergoes strict processes, which include washing with flowing drinking water, removal of damaged berries and foreign objects. The product is packed after strict quality inspections. It is delivered ready for consumption with fresh, soft and attractive appearance, and totally safe without the addition of conservatives or other substances.

Currants cultivation has flourished in Greece mainly on the coastal parts of Northern and Western Peloponnese and the Ionian islands. The proven ideal soil and climatic conditions of the sea breeze and sunshine contribute to the exceptional quality of this natural product.


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